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Welcome to the Luna’s Castle Blog

Hostel Rates and Services…Links…Directions to the Hostel…Contact Email. No doubt important headings for those on the move. We all need a bit of information to get us on our way. Our intention, though, when we created the Luna’s Castle website, was to lay groundwork for more of a living, breathing representation of Luna’s Castle Hostel, our guests, our town, our stories. We live in a place where old stone walls crumble. Follow the dim glow of street lamps up the ramp from the old Public Market – that is where we can be found. But our location page simply states that we’re on Calle 9na. Perfect guidance for a lost taxi. And that’s about it. Give us some leeway here for creativity. Casco Viejo is too intriguing of a world to be described with simple street names and number. It is in this space that we’ll try to bring life to our experiences.  Some posts might lean towards the informative, others the silly. You’ll meet our neighbors, you’ll laugh at our ecentric guests. You’ll envy the hostel life. You’ll swear to never work in a hostel, ever. We’re eager to hear your comments and your past stories. Thanks for listening.

– David


Saturday, February 21st, 2009 Uncategorized