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Patrizia Pinzon of Arco Properties and the author of a very popular Casco Viejo blog  put in a kind plug for us on her site!

New Bar in Town! Luna´s Castle opens underground bar at historic vault

Luna´s Castle has “expanded” its business. They just opened one of the nicest bars in town, at one of the historic vaults that the building hides at its base. The “castle” (meaning, the original house) was built over the original stone wall that surrounded Casco Viejo to protect it from attacks. When the city moved from its original settlement in Panama Viejo it brought with it traumas of pirate attacks, the last one being from Pirate Henry Morgan who basically destroyed what was left of the city at that moment.

This huge wall was built around the new city (San Felipe) and the Casa Ehrman (former name of the building) was built eventually, once the wall was taken down, on one of its sides. As a result, it has a beautiful patio in the back, and going even further down, you have an interesting vault that is now a very nice bar.

So don´t be shy! check it out… my photos are horrible, but I can assure you it´s worth the trip.

Lunas%20Castle%20bar - A bit of Press

Sunday, July 5th, 2009 Uncategorized