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Panamanian Jail and the 7’oclock News

An old, wise man once whispered the adage, “all press is good press.” In the vast majority of cases,  I’m a serious believer. Britney Spears gets busted for drunk driving. What happens the next day? Her disc sales soar to levels not seen in months. Oh, so you’re the girl caught on camera sleeping with the married Senator? Allow us to punish you with a six figure offer to pose as a Playboy centerfold.  Let’s just hope the same rings true with hostels and their more “adventurous” guests. Recently, The Panama America placed our own  in the limelight. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a spike in bookings and he’ll get his first book deal. Read below:

Panama AmericaIn an evident state of drunkenness a man of French nationality was arrested by units of the National Police when he tried to jump from the roof of the old Hotel Central in Casco Viejo. At the time of his arrest the Frenchman said he just wanted to see the sunrise, but he became aggressive towards journalists, cameramen, and photographers who were in the area. The man was arrested and taken to the headquarters of the Tourist Police in San Felipe.

Sunday, July 12th, 2009 Uncategorized