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The Chiva

Getting people to go to bed early is definitely not our specialty here at Luna’s Castle. On the contrary, we got breakfast going till noon because we know partying is our forté.

Tuesday nights in Panama City are not particularly the best days to go clubbing. However, here at Luna’s we always got a trick up our sleeve: The Chiva Parrandera.

Especially popular for Panamanian Birthday and graduation celebrations, Chivas in Panama are nothing like the ones a few other countries have. Panamanian chivas have evolved passed the original concept of musicians playing tipico music on an open air bus.

The Chiva of today is a mobile capsule of electronic music, reggaeton, and other modern beats. With an open bar inside that keeps on flowing, air-conditioning so that the hot and humid nights don’t interfere with the raucous, laser lights to accompany the fascinating view of Panama city’s skyline, and stripper poles because you gotta grab onto something when your dancing on a moving bus.

Our bus is open to all travelers and Panamanians alike who don’t want to have to wait for a friends birthday to get down like they should.

Is it Tuesday? Come to reception, reserve, and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 Uncategorized