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A Day in Panama City

Many travelers only have one day to spend in Panama City and with so much to see where do you begin? Panama City is a giant metropolis filled with history and culture. Panama City is about 106 square miles which is roughly one tenth the size of New York. The close proximity of everything makes it very easy to squeeze a lot into one or two days.

The Panama Canal seems like an obvious destination. However, many travelers over look this popular tourist destination and don’t take time to visit the Miraflores Locks. It’s a rather humbling experience to watch monstrous cargo ships pass through the Canal.

Casco Viejo is a neighborhood bursting with history and culture.  The ruins of once great buildings allow you to picture Casco Viejo of the past. Local artists sell their wares in plazas and cafeterias serve up heaping plates of fried plantains, rice and chicken.  Avenida Central is a bustling street filled with shops selling everything your heart desires.  You can easily spend a day exploring Casco Viejo and the surrounding areas.

Want to improve your Spanish while traveling? Casco Antiguo Spanish School is located around the corner from Luna’s and offers classes to fit the backpacker budget. Their half-day Backpacker’s Spanish class is only $39 and helps you learn necessary phrases to help make day to day life in Latin America easier.


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