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Conversational Spanish

Fast, rapid, and beautiful, conversational Spanish sounds like music. However, having a simple conversation can be anything but simple when you are communicating in a language foreign to you. Ordering food and asking for directions can prove to be nearly impossible. Being able to communicate on even the most basic level can change your entire experience.


The Casco Antiguo Spanish School offers a free conversational Spanish class on Saturday mornings.  Every level of Spanish speaker is welcome and encouraged to participate. Practice makes perfect so why not monopolize on an opportunity for free guided practice. The conversational Spanish class is an opportunity to develop your vocabulary and meet new people


The Casco Antiguo Spanish School is located just off Avenida A on Calle 4 about a 5 minute walk from Luna’s Castle. To make a reservation email or call +507 838 5592. Their classes will lead you one step closer to speaking conversational Spanish.


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