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Supporting our local farmers

So you pull back your privacy pod curtain in room 7, you spend about 2 minutes trying to wipe last night’s relic adventures from your eyes.  Once normalcy has been restored (somewhat) you head to the balcony to enjoy the breathtaking views for a bit before then wandering downstairs to start the day with a solid cup of Joe.  But wait, before that coffee leads to new conversations and friendships that are really just part of a regular day here at Luna’s, we’d like to give you a bit of info on how these fine beans got into our hands so that we could get them into yours.

coffee 2 e1463598800260 - Supporting our local farmers

That coffee that you are drinking comes from a small cooperative located in the lowland rainforests of the Gatún Lake region. Café Gatún provides job opportunities to local farmers, who work to grow, harvest and roast the coffee of the area. Each cup consumed goes to support grass-roots economic development in rural Panama as well as preservation of Panama’s rainforests.  We became aware of Cafe Gatun’s efforts through the work of a local Peace-corps officer named Jake.  In an attempt to increase economic development in the rural Gatun region, he has helped local farmers find real markets to sell their beans rather than being paid pennies by the big coffee monopolies in the region. Luna’s decided to purchase the coffee from the farmers themselves at the price that the big guys would normally charge.

We built our home in Panama long before the Panama Papers hit the international news cycle.  We actually made our Castle in Casco Viejo before more affluent Panamanians were even comfortable visiting our once humble neighborhood.  As a result we have always had strong ties to the colorful local characters were proud to call our neighbors and have throughout the years found many creative ways to give back to those that have shared their homes with us and allowed us to build a new one for you.  It is with this affection and pride we would like to announce our support of Café Gatún.  So enjoy every last drop just a little bit more than usual… and help yourself to as much as you like because it’s always on us.  Coffee one - Supporting our local farmers

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