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Attention DJs!

dj4 - Attention DJs!

Hey pro DJs from around the world!  Maybe you’re planning on hitting the road.  Maybe you’re planning on stopping through Panama.  Perhaps you have been itching to stay at Luna’s Castle and party in our world famous Bar RELIC!  Well the gods have answered your cries my friends.  We are currently planning our event schedule for 2017.  If you would like to DJ a night in Relic in exchange for a stay in the hostel and drinks in the bar please send the following to

cleardot - Attention DJs!
-Links to all profession social media accountsdj2 - Attention DJs!
-a complete resume of past performances
-at least one video of you playing live
-a short description of your style and influencesdj5 - Attention DJs!
Please be aware we receive a flood of inquiries so only reach out if you are a legitimate professional.  
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