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That time of year again!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Luna’s Castle is known for many things from its Casco Viejo prime location to the epic Panama City skyline views from our rooms and balcony and not to mention our world class staff.  But ask any previous guest what their most memorable thing about Luna’s was and they are sure to mention something about the parties. Our own Relic bar has been ground zero for a clusterbang of nighttime escapades over the years. If there were cameras on the walls… well lets be thankful there are no cameras on the walls. These things are better left in the pages of peoples minds all across the globe. Now there is one night at Relic every year that tops them all and that is Halloween. Relic bar has had a monopoly on Panama’s halloween scene since it opened. Not much really needs to be said here. Theres just no where else you’ll want to be in Panama. Whats the best part?  Luna’s guests always get in free. 

Every Hostel Needs a Tarzan!

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Every hostel needs a Tarzan!  To the un-initiated this may seem like a bizarre request by some backpacker who might have seen one too many burning man sunrises.  However for those who have spent at least one minute basking in the radiant joy that is Chris Barnes (aka Tarzan), no hostel or conversation will ever be the same after.  Tarzan is many things to many people:  resident social director, rally monkey, nature guide who has cracked the toucan/sloth/monkey code, zen monk, passionate minimalist, human Tony the Tiger, selfless generosity warrior, and former male model haha.  For us though he can best be summed up by the title of a recent review left on Trip Advisor… “Chris is genetically engineered to make you happy!”   

This is a guy who grew up surfing hurricane waves in Florida.  He played pro baseball in Germany.  He can literally fill days, weeks, and months with crazy stories from a life lived to the fullest.  Other times he can be found staring at the sky watching bird’s flight patterns for hours just smiling in silence.  Sometimes he decides the only appropriate word for the occasion is “dude.”  


barnes - Every Hostel Needs a Tarzan!Whatever phase you find him in, one thing is certain:  Your life will be better having spent a little time with him.  By far the best way to hang with Tarzan is to join him on one of his free city/nature walks that he takes Luna’s Castle guests on pretty much daily (weather permitting).  So go ahead and take a walk with Tarzan and see some of his favorite parts of the city.  Its a good excuse to spend a few hours with a living legend.

Look no further for late night eats on the weekend!

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

MG 4538 - Look no further for late night eats on the weekend!

We’ve all been there.  More than a few rum and cokes down.  Happy hour’s 50 cent beers barely visible anymore in the rearview mirror.  The last few hours you’ve been bouncing around from the dance floor to the open air patio working on everything from dance moves you didn’t know you had to languages you didn’t know you spoke.  It’s another night at Relic bar below Luna’s Castle and all the craziness has managed to muster up quite a bout of late night munchies.  Luckily, El Corazon Lumpia Bar has set up shop on weekend nights right in the entry way.  So look no further to replenish those much needed nutrients that will get you through till tomorrows pancakes. 

MG 4536 - Look no further for late night eats on the weekend! 

El Corazon Filipino describe themselves as a food catering service specializing in primarily Filipino food, along with other unique comfort foods they’ve come to know while living in the diverse communities of Northern and Southern California, USA.  But simply put, whether you’re a shanghai lumpia with sweet and sour sauce or a bacon wrapped hotdog kind of person, there is no way you will be walking away anything less than satisfied and ready to see where the rest of the night takes you.  And since you’re at Relic, we can guarantee that wherever that might be it will certainly be more than interesting.   

IMG 20170721 100908 588 - Look no further for late night eats on the weekend!

New Nomada Eatery in Luna’s Castle!

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

D2X0647 - New Nomada Eatery in Luna's Castle!

Hungry guests looking for a funky place to grab a delicious meal no longer have to leave the building… We’d like to welcome the new Nomada Eatery to our Castle’s quarters.  

D2X0676 - New Nomada Eatery in Luna's Castle!

IMG 1118 - New Nomada Eatery in Luna's Castle!

Nomada is a stylish, bohemian, and rustic cafe that blends good coffee, gastronomy, and the pleasure of being amongst new friends.  A modern yet simple culinary experience that features interesting flavors from all over the world in a historical, sophisticated, and relaxing setting.  Combine all this with a wide selection of wines, craft beer, and cocktails and you’ll have all you need to recharge those batteries before the night gets wild downstairs at Relic.NOMADA ESPECIAL - New Nomada Eatery in Luna's Castle! IMG 1028 - New Nomada Eatery in Luna's Castle!BRISKET TEMPTATION - New Nomada Eatery in Luna's Castle!


Featured in the new issue of Escapes

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

revista 1 - Featured in the new issue of Escapes Lunas Castle’s very own Relic Bar and 1688 cocktail terrace are featured in the new issue of Escapes by AirPanama.  AirPanama is a local airline with cheap domestic flights as well as some international options.  They generally take off from albrook airport which is right next to the main bus terminal and mall here in the city.  Nothing beats a quick trip to the mall and 45 minutes later you are landing in Bocas del Toro for the cost of a new pair of kicks (Sandals make more sense in the islands anyway).  Better yet, when you come back, landing in albrook puts you just a $4 cab ride away from Luna’s Castle.  Check out the AirPanama article below  🙂

revista 2 - Featured in the new issue of Escapes revista 3 - Featured in the new issue of Escapes

Traffic Light Party June 3rd!

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Hey Guys!  

Coming up on June 3rd our in house bar RELIC will be having its second Traffic Light Party!  For those who haven’t heard of this and/or would like a quick Spanish primer, we will translate the graphic inserted below:

Red means notsemaforo - Traffic Light Party June 3rd! available/in a relationship.  

Yellow means maybe/its complicated.  

Green means Single!  

Don’t worry about the rest at the bottom because Luna’s guests always get in Free 🙂



Colored necklaces will be handed out at the door.  All you have to do is show up ready GO!




Attention DJs!

Monday, March 6th, 2017

dj4 - Attention DJs!

Hey pro DJs from around the world!  Maybe you’re planning on hitting the road.  Maybe you’re planning on stopping through Panama.  Perhaps you have been itching to stay at Luna’s Castle and party in our world famous Bar RELIC!  Well the gods have answered your cries my friends.  We are currently planning our event schedule for 2017.  If you would like to DJ a night in Relic in exchange for a stay in the hostel and drinks in the bar please send the following to

cleardot - Attention DJs!
-Links to all profession social media accountsdj2 - Attention DJs!
-a complete resume of past performances
-at least one video of you playing live
-a short description of your style and influencesdj5 - Attention DJs!
Please be aware we receive a flood of inquiries so only reach out if you are a legitimate professional.  

4th best party spot in Central America!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

relic lleno - 4th best party spot in Central America!Those who know… know.  Long before Casco Viejo was one of the region’s premier nightlife destinations, Luna’s Castle was pumping out liquor, the craziest memories, and more than a few unspoken trysts as well 😉  All courtesy of $1 beers during the day for our guests and one of the world’s most famous guest only happy hours (50 cent beers and dollar mixed drinks) Monday through Saturday 9-10pm in our 2 onsite bars: Relic and 1688.

So without furthur ado, we are honored to announce that we’ve been ranked #4 party spot in Central America!


To read more see link below.

Pancake Paradise!!!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Hey guys.  Luna’s here.  We know the word has been out for sometime that we offer free pancake breakfast for our guests.  In fact, our original tradition has since been duplicated in many other hostels across Latin America, which we find quite flattering! While we are thrilled that our pancakes have brought smiles to many (hungover) faces over the years, we just knew we could make it even better!  So, In our usual spirit of always improving, we have upgraded our Saturday pancake breakfast.  We’d like to introduce you to Saturday Morning’s Pancake Paradise (also known aspancakes 2.0, pancakes on steroids, or in the words of Emeril Lagasse… Pancakes kicked up a notch… bam)! Nutellapancakes, Chocolate chip pancakes, Peanut butter pancakes, etc.  So grab a cup of coffee, cruise out onto our new 1688 balcony, and taste the soul healing deliciousness all while taking in our very own eclectic views of Casco Viejo History 🙂

Supporting our local farmers

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

So you pull back your privacy pod curtain in room 7, you spend about 2 minutes trying to wipe last night’s relic adventures from your eyes.  Once normalcy has been restored (somewhat) you head to the balcony to enjoy the breathtaking views for a bit before then wandering downstairs to start the day with a solid cup of Joe.  But wait, before that coffee leads to new conversations and friendships that are really just part of a regular day here at Luna’s, we’d like to give you a bit of info on how these fine beans got into our hands so that we could get them into yours.

coffee 2 e1463598800260 - Supporting our local farmers

That coffee that you are drinking comes from a small cooperative located in the lowland rainforests of the Gatún Lake region. Café Gatún provides job opportunities to local farmers, who work to grow, harvest and roast the coffee of the area. Each cup consumed goes to support grass-roots economic development in rural Panama as well as preservation of Panama’s rainforests.  We became aware of Cafe Gatun’s efforts through the work of a local Peace-corps officer named Jake.  In an attempt to increase economic development in the rural Gatun region, he has helped local farmers find real markets to sell their beans rather than being paid pennies by the big coffee monopolies in the region. Luna’s decided to purchase the coffee from the farmers themselves at the price that the big guys would normally charge.

We built our home in Panama long before the Panama Papers hit the international news cycle.  We actually made our Castle in Casco Viejo before more affluent Panamanians were even comfortable visiting our once humble neighborhood.  As a result we have always had strong ties to the colorful local characters were proud to call our neighbors and have throughout the years found many creative ways to give back to those that have shared their homes with us and allowed us to build a new one for you.  It is with this affection and pride we would like to announce our support of Café Gatún.  So enjoy every last drop just a little bit more than usual… and help yourself to as much as you like because it’s always on us.  Coffee one - Supporting our local farmers