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Tarzan Tour with Chris!

Every hostel needs a Tarzan!  To the un-initiated this may seem like a bizarre request by some backpacker who might have seen one too many burning man sunrises.  However for those who have spent at least one minute basking in the radiant joy that is Chris Barnes (aka Tarzan), no hostel or conversation will ever be the same after.  Tarzan is many things to many people:  resident social director, rally monkey, nature guide who has cracked the toucan/sloth/monkey code, zen monk, passionate minimalist, human Tony the Tiger, selfless generosity warrior, and former male model haha.  For us though he can best be summed up by the title of a recent review left on Trip Advisor… “Chris is genetically engineered to make you happy!”  a1338cc3 54ba 4e4f 880e 068d9d707663 - Tarzan Tour with Chris!

This is a guy who grew up surfing hurricane waves in Florida.  He played pro baseball in Germany.  He can literally fill days, weeks, and months with crazy stories from a life lived to the fullest.  Other times he can be found staring at the sky watching bird’s flight patterns for hours just smiling in silence.  Sometimes he decides the only appropriate word for the occasion is “dude.”  


Whatever phase you find him in, one thing is certain:  Your life will be better having spent a little time with him.  By far the best way to hang with Tarzan is to join him on one of his free (tips appreciated) nature/city walks that he takes Luna’s Castle guests on daily except for Thursdays and Sundays (weather permitting).  Prepare yourself for encounters with breathtaking views of the city and the canal, exotic wildlife, street-side smoothies, and Panama’s best ceviche. So go ahead and take a walk with Tarzan and see some of his favorite parts of the city.  It’s a good excuse to spend a few hours with a living legend.

IMG 1551 - Tarzan Tour with Chris!