Boats to Colombia – Panama to Colombia by boat

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We work with several reputable captains doing the sailing trip from Panama to Colombia, so if you are looking for a fun, adventurous way to get to Colombia… you have found it.

The trip last five (5) days. The first three (3) days is in the San Blas islands where you can snorkel, go fishing or just swim or just hang out and relax in the pristine beaches of the islands, the rest two  (2) days is sailing to get to Colombia.

The prices are between $450-$550. Including three meals per day, water, soft drinks and immigration papers to Colombia. The captains departure usually from one of these three ports: Puerto Lindo, Portobello and Carti.san blas

We also have a speedboat offering trips to Sapzurro, Colombia which offers an alternative to the 2 days at open-water by skirting the coast and island hopping for the whole 4 days… ending in the small beach community of Sapzurro. Once in Sapzurro, you will have to take a boat to Capurgana and then another boat from there to Turbo.  In Turbo there is a bus station offering routes to Cartagena or Medellin.  The whole trip from Sapzurro to either Cartagena or Medellin will last roughly 11 hours and cost around 70 dollars total.   All of the sailing trips include food, water, and entrance fees into Colombia.

If you are interest in our boat trips please email us at:   regarding upcoming boats and availability. Be aware that the boats are all privately owned and that schedules are   unpredictable and can often take a couple of days to book, so be willing to hang around if one hasn’t docked yet.

Please keep in mind that these trips are not run by Luna’s Castle, we are separate business entities, we are merely providing a service for you, and there are inevitably a few trips that fail to live up to your expectations due to bad weather, reckless captains or annoying shipmates. Every trip is different as the captains are all independent operators, but we have used most of them several times in the past and we will provide you with honest feedback from previous guests (good and/or bad) to give you a better idea of the boat you are considering.

Meet some of the Boats that we work with:

 MintakaMintaka full sm

Is a custom-built 46ft. aluminum sloop up tp 8 passengers, well maintained, very safe, comfortable, clean and professional operated by a nice German couple: Manfred & Petra. Manfred, the captain and chef engineer, and Petra, the first mate and chef, are married for almost 40 years. They have well over 35 years sailing experience, 21 years alone on MINTAKA, where they  live constantly. The Caribbean is their cruising ground for over 8 years, 3 years between Colombia and Panama. They sailed almost 100.000 nautical miles in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean sea, Red Sea, the Indic Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean. They are probably one of the most experienced crew in the backpacker fleet. Their names stand for continuity and reliability. Both have the same sailing license personal safety and the safety of the boat.

Click here to see a video of the Mintaka.


Gitano del Mar

Gitano del Mar is a 47 foot catamaran built in 1998. It has 2 private double cabins, two private triples, and 2 singles and a triple and a double in the salon, four bathrooms, a big kitchen, generator, sound system and DVD payer, two fridges and a freezer, snorkel gear, and fishing gear, kayak and dinghy. 

gitano del mar









With 85 feet and 3 decks, Independence is the biggest, most comfortable, fastest and safest vessel on the regular weekly trip between San Blas/Cartagena. With beds for 26 guests in 8 cabins + 4-5 crew in 2 extra separate cabins, 5 Bathrooms and showers for guest plus 1 separate for crew.

There are additional 3 areas on top deck with cushions and canvas 2 x 2 meter or bigger forsun bathing or sleeping on fresco-with no extra charge. Designed as a live-aboard for guests and crew for extended periods of time,the-independence-15 providing maximum space, comfort and privacy. We have smooth sailing with passive stabilizers making easy to travel at the open seas. 2 dining areas and no need to use saloon or cockpit for sleeping make a difference to many others. 7 water tight departments and ice breaker bow insuring additional safety. Our huge galley has the reputation to do the best food, under sails, always warn fresh made food, even on the open sea!

The boat is equipped with a walking freezer and 5 chest freezers to guaranty sufficient adequate supply for the all the passengers and crew plus 1 separated freezer for your beers.


San Blas Adventure – Speedboat

Is a 4 day island hopping San Blas Adventure 1adventure with a speedboat through the full archipelago of San Blas, passing through all 365 islands from the northern side to the southern side with no 2 day ocean crossing ending in the small beach community of Sapzurro. Once in Sapzurro, you will have to take a boat to Capurgana and then another boat from there to Turbo.  In Turbo there is a bus station offering routes to Cartagena or Medellin.  The whole trip from Sapzurro to either Cartagena or Medellin will last roughly 11 hours and cost around 70 dollars total.   All of the sailing trips include food, water, and entrance fees into Colombia.

Travel & support the local community. This company works very closely with the Kuna on all aspects of the trip and most of the money from your fare stays in San Blas, distributed among the local people they work with and the different communities you visit along the way.



Bay Dreamer

It is Lagoon 380 that offers a lot of space for its modest 38 feet. With 4 separate rooms and 2 toilets + a big saloon and a huge cockpit with space for up to 8 people this boat feels more like a 50 feet boat than it´s actual 38.baydreamer

The couple Daniel and Anna where looking for a boat that could give people the big adventure but also in the same time work as a comfortable home for a long period of time. Their earlier sailing experiences has been on a catamaran so the choice of boat was pretty simple. And if you ask Anna the best thing about catamarans is that they are more balanced than monohulls. 

They take care and equipped their new friend “Bay Dreamer” with all the necessary and unnecessary gears and gadgets you need to travel the big blue oceans for a couple of years because is not only a catamaran is their home!

Click here to watch a video of the Baydreamer



The Fregat is a Monocasco of 43 feet, up to 10 ppl and has 4 double cabins and all the space you need to be really comfortable.

TIMG_20140203_065128he Captain name is Israel that have many years of experience sailing from Panama to Colombia and

 he works  works with Agathe from France that helps him to navigate and also as a as chef onboard, she love to cook a variety type of food from all the world. She is also trilingual she speaks English, French and Spanish.​



Nacar II

Big and spacious catamaran, Nacar is a 42ft Lagoon  410 S2 from 2005 takes 12 guest comfortably distributed in 4 double cabins and 4 single cabins and 4 bathrooms. Motorized dinghy and all the toys you need for a relaxed, good time. Captain Jose has sailed many boats in the area for the past few years so you’re in good hands.

Nacar I 3rd Pic(1)









It is an exclusive yachtLe perle 6 and  with two amazing crew Miroslaw & Svetlana “They believe that the most important on this trips is the customer service” that is why they only take up to 6 ppl to give them an exclusive treatment.

Miroslaw, from Poland: in the past – the owner of the small coffeeshop in Germany, three years ago left everything for travel. Has german skipper-certificate and has done Atlantic crossing three times (two times as a skipper) and crossed Pacific. Sailed about 25 000 nautical miles.

 Svetlana, from Russia: software engineer in the past, travelled in Africa and in South America. Sailed 15 000 nautical miles, crossed Atlantic two times and Pacific.

Details of the yacht:

The yacht is 41 foot long (or 12,5 meters), from the year 2004, it has two cabins and big saloon, all in total – 6 berths. There is an autopilot and GPS, VHF and all nesessary navigation devices.Safety equipment includes life jackets, life raft and EPIRB


Wild Card

This vessel was constructed in Australia for deep ocean cruising in the southern waters of  Australia. It is 60ft in length and weighs 40 ton. The hull and topsides are steel. The main SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAsaloon and pilot house windows are 10mm plate glass. The pilot house is designed to enable full control of the sails from inside.

The main engine is a 120 HP Ford Lees with approximately 6500 engine hours. There are two generators, an 11 Kva Mitsubishi and a 7.5 Kva Fischer Panda.

The vessel has a 5000 litre fuel capacity.






Join us on our 50 ft Yacht, Micamale, the boat has 4 double cabins, 4 bathrooms, a spacious, luxury inteMicamale 3rior with plenty of head room, a large dinnette that drops down into a double bed, a large cockpit and flush deck. It is fit with 2 GPS, radar, 2 VHF, life jackets, new sails, a large life raft. Also music hifi system, fishing gear and snorkelling equipment on board.

The Crew

Enrico- who has been sailing for 16 years, lived in Cuba for 6 years, and is a mechanic and electrician, living and working on board Micamale for 3 years now.  Andrea – who has lived on board for the past 3 years, is a former artist, and a very good sailor. We are sometimes joined by Enricos girlfriend, Rose, from England, who has been sailinig with us since November 2013.

We look forward to giving you a unique, adventerous experience, including good sailing, snorkeling, relaxing, BBQs and a party on the beach.



swala 1It is a 42 Feet catamaran up to 8 passengers with 2 bathrooms and 4 double beds. French Captain Bernard has been traveling the world sailing for 20 years, so he knows how to show you a good time onboard and in the water!






The Winfli is a beautiful 39.9 foot Irwin Citation with plenty of space for relaxing. It has 4 double beds, a fully equipped kitchen, snorkeling equipment, 5 hammocks, fishing equipment and a kayak at your disposal. The ambiance is versatile depending on the passenwinfligers so you set the mood. Ingrid your first mate is also your cook; she prepares lots of fresh Mediterranean dishes, using tons of fresh veg, and you might even get some homemade desserts and curries. There are plenty of fruits for snacking whenever you get the munchies so there’s no need to worry about ever being hungry.





Amande is an Atoll 6, designed by Philippe Briand and built in 2000 by Dufour. She has been refurbished in 2011 (rigging, engine 90 hp, refrigerators, electronics …), measures 15m and has 6 double cabins aAmande 1nd 4 bathrooms. With her 115m² sails and 150m² spinnaker, amande reaches easily 8 knots, which is a perfect speed to catch big fish.



The Victory is a 44 foot mono hull with a regatta style hull. This boat won thevictory 7 Admirals Cup in 1981 and has been refitted in 2011 & 2012 with the necessities and desires of the adventures that take this trip in mind. Victory has wo double beds and six single beds for the ten passengers and two for the crew. It has one bathroom, kitchen, and an excellent social ara. Hernando the captain will make sure that you have an unforgettabel time!




It is a 45ft cutter rig with plenty of space up to 8 ppl. Your hosts, Rengin & Tashin (and their cat) have been sailing over 30 years.delfinsolo

The boat has hammocks, snorkeling gear and spear guns available. Your trip will include 3 days in the San Blas islands with all meals, water and tea/coffee included.

Rengin and Tashin have a great reputation, we have met literally dozens upon dozens of their guests over the years, all of whom have enjoyed their company in the San Blas Islands.



 It is a spacious 50 foot long aluminumSantana catamaran. This translates to 14.6 meters long and 6.8 meters wide. Santana was uniquely built in Venezuela back in 1996 to do chartering. The boat is very strong and safe. She may take up to 16 passengers on overnight charters, but normally takes around 12 passengers to allow for a comfortable journey.

 Santana also has a large fully equipped kitchen with a stove/oven and an 800 liter freshwater tank. There is two fridges where one is reserved for the passengers. The boat has two toilets situated in one of the hulls.



Our catamaran is a Lagoon 380 with 11.55 meters in length, with living room, 04 (four) bedrooms, (02) two bathrooms with shower hot and cold water, spacious cokpit with table for outdoor meals, sundeck at the bow, beyond home theater and all the comfort for long or short cruises.



Luka 6

Luka is a 56ft Mikado ketch, built in France, taking up to 11 passengers.This yacht is extremely strong, and will survive any sea conditions. This is one of the biggest yachts operating by the captain Bea.  Bea is a  friendly ( Polish – American), that will serve you 3 good quality meals a day, with fruits and snacks included between meals.
All fees are included in the price, all safety equipment onboard with fishing and snorkeling equipment also included for all passengers.



Corto II

Corto II 2

The Corto is a nice 43 ft boat, the captain Sebastian and the boat are well recommended, as is his beautiful little Spaniel dog. Sebastian has been doing this trip for more than 3 years, now and it´s a great trip, so we hear, he takes up tp 7 peope in safety and comfort.


Crocodrile Rock

The “M/Y Crocodile Rock” has just undergone a major Crocodrile rock 5refit and conversion to a power catamaran. She is 12 meters x 7 meters with 3 cabins. The 2 forward cabins each have a queen size berth and a single; the aft cabin is a large double. The salon will easily seat 8 for dining. She has a very large cockpit and twin boarding/swim platforms; 14 ft dinghy, snorkeling gear, and all the standard safety equipment. With twin 70 HP Suzuki outboards, she cruises at 8 to 10 knots; the objective being more time in the islands and less time offshore travelling.
Our planned trip to Cartagena is for a minimum of 4 days, 3 nights in San Blas plus a day in the San Bernando Islands of Colombia. The trip could be as much a 7 days total. We depart from Puerto Lindo approx 30th Oct.
Richard Brooker is a Canadian captain with over 50 years of sailing experience, 20,000 offshore miles of racing and cruising, and 12 years in Panama and Cartagena. Marina Navarrette, Colombian, is an excellent cook and hostess.



S/Y Quest

S/Y Quest is a very spacious yacht. She is 64 foot length over all and 8 ½ foot wide. She was built with a strong steel hull and designed specifically for sail and dive charters.

She features a dive deck that is very unusual for a yacht of her size. There are two tank racks, one on each side, both with filling station. After a dive you leave the BCD on the tank and the tank will be filled where it is. At the center is a camera table and at the back an 80 liter camera rinse bin. The custom made live ladder allows for easy entry and 1

The dive deck is also fully shaded with a fixed sun shade.

The large cockpit seats 8 comfortably and has fitted fully cushioned seats. This large area is covered with a sun awning as soon as we are at anchor or only sailing with the head sails. S/Y Quest is fully flushed decked with wide side decks that allow you to walk around as though you were on a vessel many times her size.

S/Y Quest is a happy marriage between an ocean going yacht and fully equipped dive vessel that can take you wherever you want to go to explore and dive.



The Calendar below will show you the exact departing date of the boats confirmed by the captains. We prefer to provide only one month at the time, we know there are other companies that provide information months in advance but it is not   accurate since captains are always changing itineraries due to weather conditions or maintenance.


Transportation to Your Boat

It is important to note that transportation to the boat is generally not included in the price.  For any boat that is departing from Carti, one will need to take a $30 dollars one way jeep from Luna’s at 5:30 am.  Upon entering the Kuna Yala territory each passenger must pay a 8 dollars tax to the Kuna people.  There will also be a 2 dollars dock fee per person.  Then one will have to take a boat taxi to the actual sailboat which will run somewhere around 10 dollars.  On the whole, it is about 50 dollars extra for transportation to the boats leaving from Carti or Porvenir.

Any boat leaving from the mainland (i.e. Miramar, Puerto Lindo, Portobelo) is a bit less expensive to get to.  You will have  to take a bus to Colon from Albrook terminal. The total cost of the bus trip will be around 8 dollars.

For further information and more pictures of the boats please email us at