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Boats to Colombia – Panama to Colombia by boat

san blas 2 - Boats to Colombia - Panama to Colombia by boat

We work with several reputable captains doing the sailing trip from Panama to Colombia, so if you are looking for a fun, adventurous way to get to Colombia… you have found it.

The trip last five (5) days. The first three (3) days is in the San Blas islands where you can snorkel, go fishing or just swim or just hang out and relax in the pristine beaches of the islands, the rest two  (2) days is sailing to get to Colombia.

The prices are between $450-$650. Including three meals per day, water, soft drinks and immigration papers to Colombia. The captains departure usually from one of these three ports: Puerto Lindo, Portobello and Carti.san blas5 - Boats to Colombia - Panama to Colombia by boat

We also have a speedboat offering trips to Sapzurro, Colombia which offers an alternative to the 2 days at open-water by skirting the coast and island hopping for the whole 4 days… ending in the small beach community of Sapzurro. Once in Sapzurro, you will have to take a boat to Capurgana and then another boat from there to Turbo.  In Turbo there is a bus station offering routes to Cartagena or Medellin.  The whole trip from Sapzurro to either Cartagena or Medellin will last roughly 11 hours and cost around 70 dollars total.   All of the sailing trips include food, water, and entrance fees into Colombia.

If you are interest in our boat trips please email us at:   regarding upcoming boats and availability. Be aware that the boats are all privately owned and that schedules are   unpredictable and can often take a couple of days to book, so be willing to hang around if one hasn’t docked yet.

Please keep in mind that these trips are not run by Luna’s Castle, we are separate business entities, we are merely providing a service for you, and there are inevitably a few trips that fail to live up to your expectations due to bad weather, reckless captains or annoying shipmates. Every trip is different as the captains are all independent operators, but we have used most of them several times in the past and we will provide you with honest feedback from previous guests (good and/or bad) to give you a better idea of the boat you are considering.

Transportation to Your Boat

It is important to note that transportation to the boat is generally not included in the price.  For any boat that is departing from Carti, one will need to take a $55 dollars one way jeep from Luna’s at 5:00-6:00 am.  Then one will have to take a boat taxi to the actual sailboat which will run somewhere around $10 – $25 dollars.  

Any boat leaving from the mainland (i.e. Miramar, Puerto Lindo, Portobelo) is a bit less expensive to get to.  You will have  to take a bus to Colon from Albrook terminal. The total cost of the bus trip will be around 10 dollars. If there is enough people we can also organize a shuttle for you for 25 dollars.

For further information and more pictures of the boats please email us at


The Calendar below will show you the exact departing date of the boats confirmed by the captains. We prefer to provide only about one month at the time, we know there are other companies that provide information months in advance but it is not always accurate since some captains are always changing itineraries due to weather conditions or maintenance.

Click on the Calendar date to find out more information about the book and to book your spot online! Its easy 🙂 Compare the boats you like and simply make a down payment of $50 towards the trip price to save your spot!

TIP: December to April are the busy months! Book ahead to make sure you get on the boat you like!