San Blas (Guna Yala)

dsc001581The beautiful islands of Guna Yala (more commonly known as San Blas) and the vibrant Guna culture has turned Guna Yala into one of the most popular destinations in Panama.

We offer island hopping packages, transportation, and hotel booking right here at Luna’s Castle. Let us help you plan the perfect Island escape. Jeeps to San Blas are available every day (depending on availability), leaving between 5:00AM-6:00AM from Luna’s Castle.

The jeep ride costs $90 roundtrip (inlcuding port taxes and extrance fees to Guna Yala) and it takes about 3 hours.  The road can be rough depending on the time of year.  The jeep drops you off at the Port, where boats will transport you to your island. The boat costs from $20 – $30 round trip.


There are 359 tiny islands and the Guna have a fascinating culture. If you want to see more than 1 island a group or multiple island trip may be your best option.  Choosing one of these options gives you access to more activities, exposure to the culture, and more amenities in these remote islands.

Luna’s Castle offers guided group trips through CACIQUE CRUISER.  These trips visit 3 or more islands & starfish pools including transport, boat rides, accommodations, meals & snacks, activities, equipment, taxes and island fees.  This are the options that Cacique offer:

El Original 
***The most popular option***
2 days/1 night San Blas Hosted Group Island Hopping trip
Visit a new island each day & get to know a Guna community with a group and bilingual host, daily snack included
dorm $205 – additional nights for $65
private $225- additional nights for $80*additional nights include day trips to a new island, snorkeling equipment, volleyball, music, host, etc.

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El Tranquilo
Isla Anzuelo (rustic accommodations, no English spoken)
2 days/1 night San Blas trip 
*Our favorite Guna guide takes you out to 1 or 2 islands on your first day*
dorm $180 – additional nights for $35
private $195  additional nights for $50
*no day trip or snorkeling equipment included after the first day trip
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Coconut Express 
1 day trip to the San Blas Islands
Spend your day on a perfect white sand Caribbean island

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A complete folder of Cacique Cruiser options is available at the concierge desk.


You have the option to book your ground transport, and accommodation on the islands separately as well.  This is usually most cost effective when choosing to visit just 1 island.

With this option you will pay a $90 for round trip transport including port taxes and entrance fees, boat ride between $20-$30 round trip and accommodation $20-$95 per night (boat and accommodation cost depend on the island).  The price of accommodations usually includes meal.  However, snorkeling trips & equipment, visits to other islands and/or communities WILL COST EXTRA and WILL NOT always be available.   (Approximately $30 Per Person)

A folder with more information about the islands and costs is available at the concierge desk as well.

Where to stay?

Here are some of the islands we offer, for a complete list please see the concierge desk at Luna´s Castle.

Diablo Island: (Kuna name NAIDUB)

DiabloThis island is located about 25 minutes from Carti, and offers simple accommodations in either hammocks or air matresses. The island is administrated by the same owner of Carti Cabins and is an excellent beach island offering good snorkeling in a shipwreck next to the island Diablo Island is surrounded by other small islands including the popular PERRO Island, so if you wish to change the view you will have very nice options.


Private Cabins: There are two, two-person cabins which cost 50 dollar per night (per person)

Dorm beds: There are two, five-person cabins.  They cost 40 dollars per night (each person)

All prices include: 3 meals

Transportation to mainland $30 round trip

Bathroom: Toilet J

Electric light: No

Snorkeling: Yes

Iguana Island: (Kuna name ARIDUB)

iguanaLocated about 15 minutes from Carti, this is one of the few 100 % beach islands. In other words, the entire island is surrounded by white sand beach. The owners keep the island very clean. This island is great for those that want to go camping, or for couples that don’t want to stay on a crowded island.


Private Cabins: 3 cabins, with a 3 person capacity in each one.  Cost: $50 per night (per person)

Dorms: $35 dollars per night (each person)

Includes: 3 meals (mostly lobster and seafood)

Transportation to mainland: $30 round trip

Tours: The tours are not included.  The price depends on the place you want to go

Bathroom: Toilet

Electric light: Yes

Snorkeling: Yes

Beach bar: Yes


Tubasenika is the first island in the chain, and offers a very social atmosphere. The small size off the island helps assure that you will have a very easy time meeting other people. There are two accommodations on this island, Senidub Cabins and Franklin’s Cabins.

Senidub Cabins:

sanidupThere are private cabins with beautiful ocean views and dorms located in the center of the island.  They have a small store if you want to buy some small groceries or Kuna souvenirs.


Private Cabins: capacity of 10 people in 3 cabins, costing $31 dollars per night (1 or 2 person)

Private Cabins include: 3 meals

Dorm beds: capacity of 14 people in 3 cabins costing $26 dollar per night (per person)

Dorm price includes: 3 meals, ($10 additional if you want to eat lobster)

Tours: Tours are not included.  The price depends on the place you want to go It costs around $20 to go to PERRO island (per person) depending on availability.

Transportation to mainland: 20 dollar round trip

Bathroom: Toilet

Electric light: Yes

Snorkeling: Yes

Volleyball: Yes

Franklin Cabins:

FrankIf you are a big group and you need a place to stay, Frank Cabins is your place. They offer private cabins and dorms, also hammocks in the outside area.  They also have a small store where you can buy some small groceries, beer, bottles of rum and Kuna souvenirs.


Dorms: $26 (per night per person)

Private cabin: $35 for 1 person and $70 per 2 person)

All prices include: 3 meals

Tours: Tours are not included.

Transportation to mainland: $20 round trip

Bathroom: Toilet

Electric light: Yes

Snorkeling: Yes

Volleyball: Yes

Nubesidub Island (Kuna translation: Dove Island)

This island is perfect for couples or families that want to stay away from crowded islands, with 3 cabins very well decorated, they keep the island very clean and it´s 100% beach


Private Cabins or Dorms: Cost $60 per night per person

All prices include: 3 meals all fish (fresh catch of the day), 1 daily tour to the Rio Sidra Comunity or visit other islands

Transportation to mainland round trip is included
Bathroom: Toilet
Electric Light: Yes

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